July 27, 2010

Satoru Tanaka is a Japanese fashion designer and establisher of multiple brands. His work has been shown in multiple worldwide collections and has earned him much acclaim. He has worked extensively in recent years in developing a brand in his own name and the result has turned out pretty good if you ask me.

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Satoru Tanaka’s designs are categorized by their use of single or dual color schemes, often combinations of complimenting colors in low cut, single button men’s jackets and shirts. Combining a slim pant leg style with traditional slacks and maneuvering the placement of buttons and openings on both shirts and jackets, Tanaka manipulates a classic, mature European look to fit the casual nature of modern menswear.

His work between different brands varies slightly, including the colors used in patterns, fabric utilized for the clothing and the presentation both in the garments and in his shows. Recent work, especially that included in Politely Satoru Tanaka has been more subdued, with larger, wider covering jackets and thicker materials.

Model: Paul Boche

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