July 13, 2010
Wrangler Blue Bell – A/W 2010 Collection and Campaign

Top-end denim brand Wrangler Blue Bell returns to the digital arena with an all-new online execution for Fall/Winter 2010. Also back is legendary male model Tony Ward, who endures some rough treatment at the hands of visitors to bluebelljeans.comMore info and pic’s after the jump.

The legendary model, wearing the dark, sophisticated denim of Blue Bell’s Fall/Winter collection, is chased in a dark, damp, industrial landscape. Viewers can throw him from a ladder, tear his clothes off, make him jump and roll – all thanks to clever interactive technology, which allows you control and dictate Tony’s movements and clothing, was created by award winning production agency Kokokaka, the force behind Blue Bell’s SS10 website, which enjoyed positive feedback and media. It is probably one of the coolest interactive campaigns I have ever seen!

The Fall/Winter 2010/11 collection is dark as night, inspired by rockabilly perfectionism, the 80s-influenced-by-the-50s, and thrift store Americana. Colours are black, grey and white, with dark indigo a signature of the brand.

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